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It's so nice to go traveling...

Our latest trip was the best ever!

Year 2000 in Kentucky was awesome! I think it keeps getting better and better every year. But then again, I hear that from a lot of people tell me that. Don't worry, there will be lots of pictures!

Each year there is a trip in the summer down to Kentucky with the church. We start the trip in PA and travel for approximately 8 hours to KY, where we set up camp and begin the party!

The first work day of the week usually begins with breakfast, then church, then we are off to the work site. We usually work till about 6, putting up houses, adding additions, and making repairs. We go back to camp for a hearty meal and a well-deserved shower. Then there is a party for all the "kids", till the "adults" kill it at 12. Ah well, I guess parent opression will never die.

The next few days usually end up being the same. We get up around 7, eat, then its off to the worksite. Usually we switch to different worksites where we do different jobs and meet different people.

Anyway, Send me email on your comments as to what I should add or delete from this page. Comments are always welcome!

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